G.A.L.A.H.A.D : an Intelligent Personal Assistant (presentation).

What’s G.A.L.A.H.A.D ?

Galahad is a personal project whose goal is to set up a development environment based on Emacs, Python and Git while trying to make a child’s dream come true.

Why G.A.L.A.H.A.D ?

Galahad is a character of the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail of Monty Python. The project is written in Python, a language that gets its name from Monty Python.
G.A.L.A.H.A.D is an acronym for Generic, Adaptable, Lovely, Assistant for Home, Amateurs and Developers.


  • Linux, my favorite Operating System, Debian, my favorite distribution.
  • Python, a great programming language.
  • A speech recognition library like SpeechRecognition, a library for Python or SNIP-NLU or an other one but I don’t need to use a library provided by a GAFAM.
  • Some others.


  • Speech recognition.
  • Speech engine.
  • Take notes.
  • Sending e-mails.
  • Devices interconnection such as Smart Phone.
  • And more.

I want be able to extend this app using plugins.

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