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Add a favicon to Peli-Kiera theme.

As you know i am using Peli-Kiera theme, when i wanted to add a favicon i found that it was not working.

A comparison with another theme gave me the solution.

The differents steps are :

  • In you folder content, create a folder 'images'.
  • Put your favicon file in this new folder.
  • In your configuration file,, add the following line.

    FAVICON = 'images/favicon.ico'
  • In the base.html file, add the following lines just before </head>.

    {# Favicons are a touchy subject. For reasoning for the following code, see: #}
       {% if FAVICON %}
       <link href="{{ SITEURL }}/{{ FAVICON }}" rel="icon">
       {% endif %}
       {% if FAVICON_IE %}
       <!--[if IE]><link rel="shortcut icon" href="{{ SITEURL }}/{{ FAVICON_IE }}"><![endif]-->
       {% endif %} 
  • Rebuild your blog.